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Through New Eyes

I was recently driving with one of my students. It was a gorgeous morning with a light fog, the sun was rising, illuminating the golden...

Do You Remember

Do You Remember Do you remember when the dew drop on a blade of grass set your Heart on fire When you would dance in...

On Balance

It is the time of year where we are again reminded of Balance. Where is our energy? Where is our focus? Are we taking time...

A Love Affair with Plants

Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure and privilege of spending time with the Plants of Vieques (Puerto Rico) and Ecuador. I knew that...

The Stories We Tell

"…we are the stories we tell ourselves. In this universe, and this existence, where we live with this duality of whether we exist or not...

Change, Trust, Love

We are in the midst of major change as a new President of the United States takes office. Change is an interesting thing. We often...