The Awakening of the Seeds

The Awakening of the Seeds

As we look at the state of the world today, it is not hard to see that humans are living a life out of balance with Nature. People often refer to this as humans are separated from Nature. However, it is impossible to be separated from something that you are. We simply have forgotten. If we want to continue, we need to remember, remember that we are connected to all.

Finding Our Wings

Finding Our Wings

There are large paradigms and power structures that need to shift. While things may get a bit messy (okay, they are already messy), we need to keep the focus on the goal. Anyone who has experienced a major life change knows that there is a time period of dissolving. When the world as you knew it breaks apart, turns upside down. This can be disorienting. However, if you can continue through this (or sometimes simply breathe and be), you come to a period of finding your new center. There may be a trial and error period of figuring things out, seeing if they fit, until the center is established. But once, you emerge, you are renewed and grateful and would not want to go back. The metamorphosis of a Butterfly is often used to describe this process. And for good reason. For a caterpillar has to completely dissolve before growing ki’s wings and becoming a Butterfly. And we are in the metamorphosis stage. How lucky are we that we have chosen to be on the Earth at this time?! We get to determine the next stage for humanity.

Creating Potential

Creating Potential

Being in Damanhur this time was a vacation for my Heart and Soul.  It was a break from the limiting beliefs that are infused in our culture.  As well as, a break from the discord.  As I mentioned, in Damanhur everyone is focused on being their best.  This does not come from morality or righteousness.  It is that they want to learn and grow and be who they are meant to be.  They focus on the vision of a better world, a world where we are again in alignment with the Trees and Nature Spirits.  I know how important it is to release limiting beliefs and focus on the solution.  I do this daily and help my clients and students to do this.  And yet, when you are surrounded by a culture that supports this, an enormous amount of energy is freed up and suddenly, you are able to create the impossible or I would say the potential.

I know that there are many challenges facing humanity.  I know that one’s Heart could break a thousand times a day.  I know that it can be very seductive and easy to be taken under by the tide of hopelessness.  And yet, I look at Damanhur.  And I look to the Dandelions sprouting out in the cracks of the macadam.  Or the Redwoods who continue to grow even though they’ve been hollowed out by fire.  And I think, “We are here!”  As long as we are here, there is still hope.  There is potential.

Where Does it Hurt?

Where Does it Hurt?

Ruby Sales, asked the question “Where does it hurt?”  This question is so simple and yet quite powerful.  I have been pondering this daily, especially as I listen to current events and watch attacks played out on social media.

The truth of the matter is that we are all hurting.  We have been trained to think of ourselves as individuals, so we often forget that we are all connected.  (We are actually more similar than different.)  What happens to the Earth, what happens to children on the other side of the world (or in our own country) affects us all.

Clearing the Clouds of the Inner Critic

Clearing the Clouds of the Inner Critic

Through my work with my clients, students, and quite frankly, my own journey, I have discovered the following in regards to the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee:

1. We can change the inner dialogue. 2. This committee does not need to rule our lives. 3. We can use the inner critic as a tool to help us grow and heal. 4. There isn’t any shame in having a Committee.

Living in Sanctuary

It has been nearly a year since I moved to what I now know as Heart Springs Sanctuary and slightly longer since I started working with the Nature Spirits of this place. For years I longed for a place to call Home, a place to work with the Elementals to create a Sanctuary. And here I am. Perhaps when you think about what it is like to co-create a Sanctuary with Nature, you have an image of a peaceful, beautiful unfolding: soft light, walking slowly through tall grasses, stopping to touch and smell and pray with the abundance of Plants. Or perhaps you have no idea what this looks like.

For me, I imagined the first scenario. And while I do touch, smell, and pray with the Plants, I have to admit, creating a Sanctuary is hard work and sometimes it isn’t work at all.


Heart Springs Sanctuary is part of the United Plant Savers’ Botanical Sanctuary Network which means that we agree to restore and protect habitat for wildlife and especially focus on the endangered native species. Earlier this year, we started a campaign called “Planting Heart Springs Sanctuary” to plant about 70 Trees and Shrubs. This sounded like an easy job, on paper, in the winter. Then all the Plants arrived at the same time and needed to get into the ground- that’s 70 holes to dig, which of course, happened to be right when I was hosting the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries annual meeting. With help, I managed to get everyone in the ground, learning that everything goes smoother if I’m not doing the work when I’m tired. We have a few more Trees to gather to complete this first stage.

While it was a little overwhelming to plant everyone, this is actually an easy part of the job and to be honest, quite enjoyable. You see, I am also creating a Sanctuary for humans. Which means, a place where humans can come to connect with Nature and Nature Beings and discover the hidden aspects of themselves. This is a place where simply sitting by the Pond is healing (for both the human and the Pond). Creating this for humans is the part that requires the most amount of time and effort. Painting, unpacking, creating areas of sleep and rest and learning, hanging hooks, thinking of their needs - what is necessary to allow them to ease into their connection. And then of course is the logistics with the Land - where will they park, how will they move from place to place, creating areas of connection and repose.

This past year has been one of intense manual labor and quite often exhaustion. Though I know that this is simply the beginning, we are creating the foundation, and from here everything will blossom. If we set it up well, it will require much less effort to keep things going and growing. And soon (Friday), we will welcome this year’s HEARTransformation Apprentices! (There is 1 space remaining if you’d like to join us.)


So what does it really look like to live in Sanctuary with Nature? It is deep listening - listening to what the Land needs, listening to what my Heart asks, listening to the smallest flower and the loudest bird, reading the signs that Nature provides. It is often ignoring my ego - which may mean cleaning out a dump area instead of creating a wetland garden around the pond (which in hindsight, the Nature Spirits were right, removing that trash cleared stagnation and raised the vibration of the Land) or asking for help when I’d much rather do it on my own (simply because I don’t want to ask) and even harder, accepting that help (and acknowledging how important it was to work together). It is often moving beyond my edges and perceived limitations. It is planting my favorite Berry bushes, knowing that I most likely will not eat any of them, for they are a gift to the Birds. It is sitting by the Pond drinking a cup of tea and allowing the water to bring forth my tears. It is singing to the Sun rising in the morning. It is getting down low to marvel at the dew drops on grass. It is leaving gifts for the Faeries. It is gathering Stones with the Gnomes. It is breathing and waiting when I want to do. It is marking off areas of no mowing and hanging signs for no spraying or harvesting. It is planting and rejoicing when you see the first sprouts returning. It is feeding the many feral cats and accepting their cardboard slums. And also laughing as they run and jump and hide in the boxes. It is often feeling overwhelmed and insignificant and being reminded that there’s no time limit, focus on one small step at a time. It is dreaming and visioning. It is gathering sticks. It is self-care and listening to my body. It is being covered in mud and falling asleep exhausted. It is being covered in paint and falling asleep exhausted. It is taking a nap in the Faerie Glen, receiving healing and messages. It is gathering trash and then more trash. It is hours on the computer - answering emails, writing, paying bills, creating classes, researching. It is gathering with friends and strangers. It is being astounded at the many gifts, surprises, and synchronicities. It is talking with Sister Protectress (Poison Ivy) and asking ki to stay out of the pathways (or intended pathways). It is letting go of the shoulds. It is radiating Love to every aspect of this Land and all who enter. It is magical.

And it is just the beginning!

Here’s the thing, you too can live in Sanctuary. My Sanctuary happens to be 4.5 acres with 3 ponds, a creek, and numerous ecosystems. However, any place and every place can be a Sanctuary. It is making a conscious choice to work/play with the other Beings of that place to be in service to the Highest Good of All. It is recognizing that as Humans, we are only 1 small part of Nature and learning to listen. When we create a space of reverence and Love where all Beings are honored, we create a healing space for ourselves.

This is the time of year when the veils between our world and the Faery world is thin. It is a great time to leave gifts for the Elementals, to dream, to vision, to play, and as tradition holds, to make Love in the fields blessing the harvest.

As the Spring time energy bursts forth in flowers and the Faeries dance with joy, may you too be fed and renewed, re-membering the connections with all. And above all else, may you know that you are Love(d).

The Pleasure Balance

The Pleasure Balance

We have moved into the time of year of balance and new beginnings. This is a great opportunity to view our lives and ask where we are out of balance, what we need to do less of/what we need to release and what we need to have more of/what we need to invite. Lately, I have been curious about pleasure.

We tend to live a life based on busyness, needing to always be doing more and moving at warp speed, yet having to go faster. For those who want to create a better world, there’s so much that needs attention and healing — GMOs, pipelines, fracking, pesticides, racism, sexual assault, homelessness, deforestation, refugees, protecting Dreamers, healthcare, the list goes on and on — that we often feel we can’t take a break. This eventually leads to burnout.

There is Something More!

There is Something More!

Okay, so I’m gonna bare my Heart and soul a bit here (more so than normal). For years, I have been witnessing women - clients, students, friends, colleagues, perfect strangers - who are looking for more. They know that they aren’t living the life of their dreams. They want more fulfilling lives. They know that there is something more, something larger. They want to know who they really are and why they are here. In my words, they want a spiritual awakening, they want to touch the Divine. Much of this is unconscious, though I believe that they recognize a yearning.

Final Day for "Planting Heart Springs Sanctuary" Indiegogo Campaign

Today is the final day for our Indiegogo campaign, Planting Heart Springs Sanctuary. We are $159 away from our Indiegogo goal and $904 away from the total goal for our first planting.

So much has happened at Heart Springs Sanctuary (HSS) since we began this campaign a month ago. As I shared in my last post, the energy shifted here with the first donation, the vibration has been raised.

From the very beginning the Nature Spirits have told me that Heart Springs Sanctuary is to be a place for community; a place where people come to connect with the Plants and Nature Spirits; a place of Sanctuary for all; and a place for people to receive healing energy and in turn, heal the Land. It is amazing to witness this occurring!

A great big, THANK YOU to everyone who is contributing to this, whether it be financially by donating to this campaign, physically by visiting Heart Springs Sanctuary or helping us Plant, energetically by sharing this campaign with others or sending your Love and blessings to HSS. I know that you have fed this Land in a way that I could not have done on my own. And my Heart overflows with awe and gratitude!

As for other updates, I have been busy working with the Elementals to gather rocks for our Labyrinth which will be co-created this Spring. On Brigid's Day, we hung the first prayer ribbons on our Prayer Tree, who is also the Guardian of the Labyrinth rocks. And we've been busy preparing inside to welcome the many clients, students, and other visitors who are coming to HSS this year.

While walking the Land and feeling the Plants stirring, the Nature Spirits have shown me part of an ambitious design for a garden featuring hugelkultur beds in the form of a triple spiral. At least I say that this is ambitious, the Nature Spirits are telling me that I need to stretch and think "big". They want this Land to be a Sanctuary of Beauty, demonstrating what we can do when we work together.

I hope that you too are able to connect with the Nature Spirits and dream BIG!

Thank you again for your support! If you are able to contribute to this campaign, please do so today.

As I've said before, Planting Heart Springs Sanctuary is about more than the finances. If you would like to name a Tree or Plant after a Loved one and are unable to contribute financially at this time, please contact me. There are many Plants at Heart Springs Sanctuary who are happy to connect with the Human world and be a portal of Love.

With Love and Blessings, Jen Frey

Creating a Community of Love and Healing

I want to thank those who have already contributed to our Indiegogo campaign including those of you who have read it and looked at the pictures and sent your energy.  Thanks to you, after the first week, we are over 1/2 way towards our stated Indiegogo goal and a 1/4 of the way towards are total goal!! But this campaign is about much more than finances and goals.

I initiated this campaign for Planting Heart Springs Sanctuary at the request of the Nature Spirits to make this a community effort.  And yet again, I am humbled by their wisdom.  The energy on this Land has changed incredibly.  Even in the cold and snow, the Land is alive and vibrant and the Nature Spirits are excited.  We haven’t even brought the Plants and Trees here!!

I am touched by each donation.  Again, this isn’t about the financial component, it is about Love.  Each time someone sponsors a Tree or Shrub, I get to hear about someone they Love and that Love fills this Land.  I can feel the healing happening and this healing spirals out affecting all of us.

Asking for help is not an easy task for me, so I started this somewhat reluctant, thinking, “I can do this, I’ll figure out how to purchase these Trees and plant them on my own.”  And now, I see that while I may have been able to buy the Trees and plant them on my own, there is no way I could have accomplished this energetic shift without all of you.  And again, I want to stress that all of you includes those who have simply read this and sent a little wish or Love our way, for I know that there are many ways in which to share our money and money is only one form of energy.

If you are able to contribute or share this campaign with others, please do.  With every donation, the energy is compounded.  I wish I could share with you what I feel.  I am in awe of this process.  And I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude.

Once you donate, I will email you to ask who you would like the Trees or Shrubs named after (or you can feel free to email me).  Please know that while I originally suggested human Loved ones, you can name them after any Loved one that you would like to honor.  It has been sweet to hear of special relatives, pets, and in one case, a Tree.

I hold these stories in my Heart, while the Land already welcomes these Loves.  I am looking forward to greeting these special Beings and watching them grow!

Thank you!

May the Love and healing of this campaign encircle you!

Creating Sanctuary

"The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for him there."

~George Bernard Shaw

We are excited to announce that Heart Springs Sanctuary, Brigid’s Way’s home, has been accepted into the United Plant Savers’ Botanical Sanctuary Network!

The United Plant Savers (UpS) protects native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come. As part of their mission, UpS created a network of sanctuaries dedicated to restoring and preserving habitat for wildlife, both Plants and animals.

Herbalism and Plant medicine have an interesting history of both beauty and pain. Unfortunately, part of this history is the over harvesting of Plants. Now that interest in natural healing is growing and herbs become part of the latest health fad, it is even more critical that we are conscious of the well being of Plants and how they are harvested.

At Brigid’s Way we believe that our future is intricately tied with the future of the Plants. When we found our Home, we knew that we were creating a Sanctuary where Humans could work co-creatively with Nature and experience the Divine through the Plants and Nature Spirits. We wanted to create a place that honors the Plants and acts as a model for another possibility. That is the possibility where we all Beings can thrive.

We are very much in the beginning stages of creating this Sanctuary. We have great plans of converting the large lawn to gardens, wild areas, and walking paths. This Spring we are building a Labyrinth. We have a ridiculously long list of Plants that want to join us here (which we couldn’t be happier to have them). We want to create a Wetlands Sanctuary around our small pond, where there is again mostly grass. And we have some clean-up work to do. This is just what the Nature Spirits are asking us to do this first year! Who knows what plans lay ahead.

My point is that if the idea of a Botanical Sanctuary or a Sanctuary garden sounds appealing and yet, you think you have to create something pristine first, you don’t. The most important aspect of creating a Sanctuary is the intention. It is about saying that this area (which may be acres or may be a little porch with a couple growing pots) is Sacred. Beyond that, what constitutes a Sanctuary is up to you. It may be an area where you do not harvest. It may be a garden planted with a special purpose, such as a Butterfly garden. It may be an area where you simply sit and meditate with Nature.

For me, when I found this place or more when this place found me, I was determined that every aspect would be a Sanctuary. The intention is that every thing we do at Heart Springs Sanctuary is in alliance with the Nature Beings.

When I was introduced to Damanhur, my friend Esperide Ananas talked about the Three Mother Worlds: the Human World, the Plant/Tree World, and the Nature Spirits World. She said, “There was once one sound, one frequency, one World.” (That touches me so deep to think about one sound, one frequency.) However, the humans separated and caused the Three Mother Worlds to form. Part of Damanhur philosophy (at least based on my understanding) is that if humans are to survive on Earth, we need to reunite the 3 Worlds. [If you would like to learn more, join us for a free Teleseminar with Esperide on January 21st.]

Working co-creatively with the Nature Spirits to create Heart Springs Sanctuary is part of my efforts to help unite the Three Mother Worlds. Though I have to admit, I wasn’t conscious of this effort when I decided to make this a Sanctuary. I did it because it felt right, really it felt like the only option. I want to live in a Sanctuary. I want my clients and students to be received in a Sanctuary. I think we all could do with a little more sanctuary in our lives.

We launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign to support the planting of Trees and Shrubs at Heart Springs Sanctuary. This is the first step that the Nature Spirits have highlighted. These Trees and Shrubs are integral in creating a wetlands area, converting the large expanse of grass, creating a woodlands section where we will later plant native woodland Plants, and providing food and shelter for the Pollinators and other wildlife. The support from our community adds to the energy and vitality of this Land. As part of this project, we are offering people to name a Tree or Shrub for a Loved one or themselves. As we go about our gratitude walks and classes, we will greet these Plants by these names, strengthening the connection between humans and Plants. Please support this project by sponsoring a Tree/Shrub, sharing it with others, or helping us to plant. We are so excited to welcome these Plants and their human counterparts here!

Wherever you are, I hope that you are able to find sanctuary and can pause to feel your connection with the Plants and Spirit. Feeling the Love that they offer us, even when the world is cold.

“And don't think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It's quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.”

~ Rumi

Red Ti Spirit Essence

Red Ti Spirit Essence I HEAR NATURE'S VOICE This Essence connects you to the Plant and Elemental Worlds. By aligning the Human World with the Nature Spirit World, it acts as a translator to ease communication and help Humans receive messages from the Plants, Elementals and Nature Spirits. It protects you while doing deep work. Part of the Kauai Set ON SALE 50% OFF, while supplies last!

Blackberry Lily Spirit Essence

Blackberry Lily Spirit Essence I AM A HEALTHY SEXUAL BEING

Blackberry Lily helps one recover from sexual abuse. Clears the trauma and heals the effects; allowing one to have healthy, sexual experiences free of fear. Supports the 2nd Chakra.

This Essence has helped many people reclaim their lives after experiencing sexual abuse (often many years prior). With the MeToo movement, I keep thinking how many more could benefit. Order it here

I also keep thinking of Male Fern Spirit Essence. I AM THE PHOENIX RISING

Heals the wounds of patriarchy and religion. Through Phoenix energy, helps you find nourishment and strength among the ruins by connecting to ancient Sacred wisdom.

Patriarchy has limited us all, though we can rise above it, heal our wounds, and embrace our true potentials.

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The Power of Love

"...the only certainty is Love.  The only firm and stable ground is Love.  The only place to be is Love.  The only springboard is Love.  Love–not emotional love–unconditional Love.  Absolute Love.  Divine Love.  Love is an earthquake to every probability that could exist.  Love shatters all probabilities, creating the certainty of Love." ~ Michael J. Roads

I recently experienced a moment of pure unconditional Love while I was at a restaurant with my nephew and family. We all absolutely Love and adore my nephew, which is quite obvious. While we were together, I was noticing how our Love for him was affecting those around us. People were watching us and smiling and their energy was raised. Long after we left the restaurant, I noticed that I was lighter and happier and my vibration was higher because I had experienced this unconditional Love for my nephew.

I started dreaming and imagining what our world would be like if every child was honored and greeted with this unconditional Love. What would it be like if we met everyone like this? What would it feel like to be greeted with unconditional Love?

This may seem like a tall task or a “pipe dream”. However, if we are Love (and I do believe this is the basis of our Being), then isn’t this the natural way to be met and to meet others?

As I focused on this vision, the violence and war that is part of our culture kept grabbing my attention like that small wound you keep accidentally hitting, making it more pronounced.

For awhile now, I have contemplated the true cost of war. I think about the lives lost (both military and civilian). I wonder how many of them were artists or scientists or philosophers or healers who had something special to offer this world, which was lost. I wonder about the relationships and connections lost. I think about the environmental cost of the mining of the materials used, of the making of ammunitions and other aspects of war, of the chemicals used, of the spent (and live) ammunitions left in places, of the planes and vehicles used, of the clearing of Land to create a “safer battlefield”, of the destruction of factories and buildings … I think about the loss of priceless pieces of art, artifacts, sacred buildings, Nature, and items of cultural and historical artifacts. I think about the energetic imprint that war leaves in the psyche and the Land, the effects of which can continue for centuries and the loss of mental and emotional health, which often effects generations. I wonder how all of this has affected our evolution. And I wonder how the fear and violence of war reverberates in our daily lives.

I think about the mass shootings, domestic abuse, rape and other forms of violence in our culture. I wonder does war beget violence in our culture or does violence in our culture beget war, which feels like the chicken or the egg debate. I think most likely both are true.

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of hearing Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, speak. When Arun was a boy, his grandfather asked him to write down all of his actions throughout the day and consider their relationship with violence. He was to pay attention to acts of physical violence as well as passive violence, which included habits or ways of life that hurt people such as: name calling, bullying, discrimination, oppression, greed, waste, lying, unkind words, arrogance, etc. Particular interest was given to acts of passive violence, for actions and words that hurt a person build up until that person reacts with physical violence. According to Mahatma Gandhi, “Passive violence is the fuel that ignites physical violence in the world. If we want to put out the fire of physical violence, we have to cut the fuel supply.” (from The Gift of Anger by Arun Gandhi)

We may feel hopeless in stopping wars or mass shootings or sexual abuse. However, when we pay attention to our own actions and words, we can stop the fuel that feeds these acts by treating ourselves and others with Love and compassion. The added bonus is that when we act with Love and compassion, we are feeding our Hearts, raising our oxytocin level, and helping to calm our nervous system, which increases our level of peace.

Love is our greatest tool, our greatest gift. With Love, we literally transform the world. This is the lesson of so many wise ones including Jesus and Buddha and of course, Mahatma Gandhi. With every thought, with every word, with every action we have the opportunity to choose Love. This of course, does not mean that if we say something unkind, we are a “bad” person, we are simply human learning how to use this gift. The good news is that we will continue to have opportunities to choose Love.

If you struggle, remember the Plants are here to help. Rose in particular is a great ally for teaching us about Love and compassion and helping us to soften (and remain strong). You can visualize Rose blossoming in your Heart and as each petal unfolds, the Love increases and radiates out. Remember to also radiate this Love to yourself and to be Loving towards yourself including in your self-talk.

This may seem like a small act. As Arun Gandhi writes, “From the smallest act to the largest, what we do in our own lives becomes a mirror for what the greater world will look like.” (from The Gift of Anger, p.132)

I wish you much Love and many blessings as we move into the time of dreaming. May we be Love and see the Love in one another.

Through New Eyes

I was recently driving with one of my students. It was a gorgeous morning with a light fog, the sun was rising, illuminating the golden fields of Corn. He was busy taking pictures of the Corn and the houses and the countryside, while I drove. It has been an interesting experience to spend time with him over the past 6 months. He is from a city in Canada and the Landscape around here is quite foreign to him. Upon arriving in July, he asked, “Was the Corn that high last month?!” I had to laugh and say, “No, Corn grows.”

What a gift to see my Home through new eyes. I am encouraged to be wowed by the fields and the houses I normally drive by. Don’t get me wrong, I Love this area. I have favorite places and Trees that I greet whenever I drive by. Sometimes I go a longer way, just so I can see them. I tend to find Beauty everywhere and am known to fall to my knees in gratitude and awe at the sight of a particular Plant friend or maybe watch in wonder as a trail of Ants carry a ridiculous load.

That being said, spending this time with my student, showed me how I have normalized my surroundings. I don’t understand why, but this seems to be human nature. We see the common as ignorable while the exotic (and what is exotic depends on where you live) as magical, praise worthy, and worth more.

This is something we see often in our society. From the dismissal and even poisoning of some of our most powerful medicines because they grow in our yards. To the wandering eyes of people in long term relationships mesmerized by someone other than their partner. To the dreams of vacations or romanticizing other areas of the world. To the fascination of dieting with entheogens from foreign lands (like Ayahuasca) while ignoring the common, non-psychotropic Plants who can give us just as much, if not more insight and healing. [See the Elder Sacred Plant Initiation]

What this does is creates an endless cycle of more, more. Always looking for something else, often to fill a void, which these only temporarily do. I think we can look around and see how this desire for more plays out in our culture and what the consequences of this paradigm is.

As my student was gawking at our surroundings, he reminded me of innocent perception. Which ironically is one of the first tools I teach in the HEARTransformation Apprenticeship and Plant Communication classes. Innocent perception is the ability to see the world with new eyes, as if this is the first time we are seeing something.

In Plant communication, this allows us to go deeper and deeper with a Plant. So that when we are sitting with Dandelion for the 100th time, we meet ki with the wisdom and knowledge from the previous 99 times AND look at Dandelion as if this is the first. This is very different than going up to Dandelion and thinking “I know you.” When we think we know all about something or someone, we close the doors. We lock them into a box and we often miss the most magical components. Because let’s face it, no one reveals their true magic at the first meeting.

When we are able to greet our daily surroundings (including the people) with innocent perception, we open the doorways of magic. We keep the relationship alive. From this place, appreciation naturally flows. Appreciation is a power tool for our Hearts. According to The HeartMath Solution written by Doc Childre and Howard Martin:

"You can be confident that as you focus on sincere feelings of appreciation, your nervous system will naturally come into balance. Biologically, all of the systems in your body, including your brain, will work in greater harmony. The electromagnetic field radiating from your body will resonate with the ordered, coherent pattern emitted by your heart. And every cell in your system will benefit.

With your body in an improved state of balance, you’ll start to feel better emotionally—and it’s no wonder. Just as appreciation causes the jagged heart rhythms on the graph to relax into an even flow, so your thoughts and feelings begin to interact more smoothly.

Appreciation has a way of smoothing out life’s lumps and bumps. It puts things into perspective, reducing the heaviness and density of stressful thoughts and feelings.”

How do we do this? It’s actually fairly simple, though it is easier to do when things are going well. So that’s a good time to practice and get comfortable with these skills. Then when you think you are having a day from hell or you’re in an argument with your partner, it becomes easier to access innocent perception and appreciation.

For innocent perception, this is mostly choosing to see something with new eyes. Which may mean looking from a different perspective. In Plant communication, we use a loupe to reveal the wonders that our naked eyes often miss. Mostly, this is about attention. Taking the time to really see. Look closely at the creases on your Lover’s face and admire the experiences that brought them. Maybe imagine you are in a coffee shop, when you spot her across the way. What do you notice? In a natural environment, spend time in Nature. Take the time to sit, be still, and simply observe. Or maybe take a photo every day or every hour of a Plant growing.

I know we often are in a rush and can easily dismiss this as not having the time. I think the more we are rushing around, the more important it is that we pause and activate innocent perception. Plus, while it is lovely to spend a good length of time watching Nature, we can be utilizing innocent perception in our daily lives. Like I was doing as I was driving. My teacher, Rocio Alarcón, would say that I was going under the trance of Corn. And I was. Tears were coming to my eyes as I saw the fields glowing. I was seeing each Plant as a prayer for our Mother Earth. Yes, this was GMO Corn; however, you cannot remove the Sacred from Corn Mother.

One of my favorite reminders of innocent perception is the work of Louie Schwartzberg. He uses photography to bring the unseen World of Nature to life. You can see his video on Pollinators here.

Again, I think if we are able to utilize innocent perception, appreciation naturally flows. However, it is helpful to cultivate appreciation. We do this by simply noticing and listing what we appreciate, what we are grateful for. It is a really beautiful thing to share what you appreciate about your Loved ones with them. Or even near strangers. It is amazing how someone lights up when you show appreciation.

I know these seem simple, trust me, they are powerful. Innocent perception and appreciation have the capability of turning the mundane into the extraordinary. Imagine living your life as if you were surrounded by Beauty and Wonder. We are. It is simply a matter of perspective.

Do You Remember

Do You Remember

Do you remember when the dew drop on a blade of grass set your Heart on fire

When you would dance in delight at the sight

When you would slurp it up uniting yourself with both rain and grass

Do you remember when every second every vision was a gift of pure joy was a chance of connection

Can we return to this in our world of asphalt and cement where we dwell on that which disconnects and ignore what unites, ignites

Can we return to the pure innocence and realize that the Garden of Eden didn’t disappear Eve may have eaten an apple but she shared it with the Ants

All we need to do is lie on that grass slurp up the dew allow our Hearts to burst with Gratitude and re-member

~ Jen Frey

On Balance

It is the time of year where we are again reminded of Balance. Where is our energy? Where is our focus? Are we taking time to play and rest? Are we devoting time to our Heart’s calling? How does Nature fit into our lives? This year, there is an even bigger call for Balance, as Mother Earth shows us in brilliant ways how we are collectively imbalanced. We have raging Forest Fires, enormous Hurricanes, mass flooding, and powerful Earthquakes.

It can be nerve wracking to watch these. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and react with fear, feeling as if the sky is falling.

For those of us who aren’t directly experiencing these, I think it is important that we stay grounded and calm, that we hold the space for the Beings involved, and that we try to focus on the bigger picture.

Fire and Water are great energetic cleansers. Large Forest Fires, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes discharge energy and shake things up. They create a clean slate. These are some of Mother Earth’s ways of healing and balancing, just like a fever does for us.

Let’s face it, Mother Earth has quite a bit of clearing needed. And I’m not just talking about the excess CO2 and other pollution. Yes, I believe in climate change. And yes, I think we need to reduce our CO2, eliminate toxins, and take other actions. From my healing work, I know that before something appears as a physical symptom, it has been hanging out in the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional bodies for awhile. I believe the same is true here. After all, our outer world reflects our inner world. I want to go deeper than climate change.

Most of us are not aware of our energy nor do we pay attention to what we send out. It doesn’t take long to peruse social media or listen to the news to see that fear and anger are big components in our culture. These fears and emotions affect the environment and us. If we are not taking responsibility for our emotions, if we let them run amuck, they become garbage piling up and we are faced with a similar fate as Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout who would not take the garbage out (from Shel Silverstein’s poem). Though fortunately for us, the Earth has systems to account for this and when we won’t take out the garbage, She will.

So here’s an opportunity. We can learn how to take responsibility of our emotions. Have you said, “I’m not angry.” while you have a big perma-grin on your face and are actually steaming inside? And then held that anger in until you got to talk to a friend and then let it spew everywhere. Guess what, that spewing goes into the energetic atmosphere and affects others.

For many of us, we were raised to ignore our feelings. When you were a child, you may have been told that it wasn’t okay to be sad (“Boys don’t cry.”) Or maybe you were punished whenever you got angry. If this was the case, it may take some effort to recognize what you are feeling. There are a number of methods of learning how to understand your emotions including meditation, Mindfulness, and Non-Violent Communication.

Let’s face it, between alcohol, drugs, television, pornography, and the endless barrage of consumerism our culture is great at numbing. But this numbing doesn’t take care of the actual issue or the actual feelings, it only suppresses, which allows the energy behind them to expand. So it’s time we face them. It’s time we get in touch with our grief.

If we can be brave enough to feel what we are feeling, many of us, will discover we have grief. Of course, there is grief from heart-break and grief from our Loved ones dying. There is also grief for the children who are starving, for the death of our coral reefs, for the clear-cutting of our Forests, for the women who are raped, for the men who are incarcerated, for slavery, for the annihilation of the Native Americans, the list goes on and on. Because this list is so long and overwhelming, we prefer to ignore it and numb it. However, if we want to live authentically, if we want to live in balance, if we want to live in a beautiful, magical world, we need to acknowledge this. Joanna Macy says,

“…despair is the covering of our love for our world and we crack it open by speaking it, so the love can act. So the key is in not being afraid of our pain for the world, not being afraid of the world’s suffering, and if you’re not afraid of it, then nothing can stop you.”

When we can become conscious of our emotions, we can then become conscious of our reactions and the energies that we send out. Thus, hopefully, reducing the garbage.

We also reduce the garbage by practicing good energy hygiene such as: smudging, Limpias, Sacred Bathing, Egg Limpias, laughing, crying, and time in Nature. These free our auras and bodies of energies that do not serve us and can reinstate calm and peace. Energy hygiene is particularly important if you are an empath.

As Nature is cleansing and balancing, she asks us to acknowledge our relationship with Earth and ALL her Beings. We live in an interconnected world, even though the mainstream paradigm wants us to believe we are separate. It’s time we step forward and move into right relationship, becoming a part of Nature, recognizing our relatives. When we do this, we honor our True Essential Nature and step into our potential.

Instead of responding in fear to the occurrences of our world, I ask us to ground, get centered in our Hearts (remember Gratitude is a great help), take responsibility for our emotions and energy, keep our auras clear, and connect with Nature. These seemingly simple acts have profound effects. Remember “It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon half-way around the world.” (Chaos Theory)

There are many Plants that can help us. Tulsi helps us be calm, peaceful, and Heart centered. White Pine brings strength, protection, and peace. Sunflower helps us face our fears. Eastern Hemlock helps us adjust to change. Burdock helps us be grounded while keeping our crown chakras open. Burdock also helps to clear unwanted energies from our Auras. Of course, these are only a sample. Nature is ready to help us. Often all we need to do is ask.

Be Brave. Be Balanced. Be Shining. Be Love(d).


Photo is from Vieques, which was greatly affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Chapel of Resistance: the Love of Corn Mother

My Heart breaks and I grieve on a daily basis; though generally, I allow these feelings to wash over me and help my Heart grow rather than be bogged down. This is because I am able to tap into the bigger picture and see the reason for the destruction or whatever is happening, able to see the overall energetic pattern, rather than this minute detail. And I choose to see the Beauty and Love that is abundant wherever I look.

Today; however, I learned that a judge granted Williams Partners the right to seize 5 properties in my area, which will allow them to build a ridiculous natural gas pipeline. The worst part is one of these properties is owned by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, a group of nuns, who built an outdoor interfaith chapel on their land because the pipeline interferes with their Land Ethic. This ethic includes, “As Adorers, we honor the sacredness of all creation; we cultivate a mystical consciousness that connects us to the Holy in all of life.”

So today, I became overwhelmed with the short-sightedness and the blatant disregard of Life (human, Plant, Water, all Life). I wondered how far do we have to go? What will it take for us to realize that money in the bank is nothing compared to the gifts we are destroying? I did what I do when I am overwhelmed, I go to Nature and pray. This time I went to the little chapel in the middle of a cornfield.


The sight that greeted me was Corn Mother growing up through the pulpit. Well, this instantly calmed my Heart. As I remembered the incredible resiliency of Corn and her sacred relationship with humans.(If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic: The Parallel Lives of People as Plants: Keeping the Seeds Alive by Martín Prechtel. This will explain why this sight was so powerful for me.) The Nature Spirits were already telling me to go Home and do my work, that I didn’t belong there grieving. Though I asked them to rlet me feel this a little.

I said my prayers and asked for forgiveness. I sang my grief and as I did the wind blew through and Corn responded. Tears did come. As I’ve been taught not to waste these, I gifted them to Corn Mother.As I continued to sing what was in my Heart, my song changed and continued to change until finally I sang the song Corn wanted to hear. These are the words that came:

We’re gonna rise, rise, rise up.

We’re gonna shine, shine, shine bright

We’re gonna Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

We’re gonna dance, dance, dance, dance, dance

And so Corn danced while I sang and my Heart lifted. I know that this is only a small part of the picture. I do have more work to do and I cannot be bogged down by this. Though it would be easier if we could all recognize the incredible Beauty and gifts from the Sacred that surround us and start treating this Earth and one another as the Divine Beings we are.

As always, I am grateful to Corn Mother.