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Elder Sacred Plant Initiation
October 28 – 29, 2017
Heart Springs Sanctuary
Washington Boro, PA

A Sacred Plant Initiation is a special honoring and union with a Plant that can bring healing and guidance on all levels. This workshop is a weekend long ceremony, where we move into a deep relationship with Elder and our own Wise One.

We will fast (recommended – though this is a matter of personal choice), ingest a ceremonially prepared elixir of Elder, and take part in multiple shamanic journeys and ceremonies all with the intention of broadening our consciousness, receiving the healing gifts of Elder, and Becoming our True Essential Nature.

Elder has long been revered for ki’s healing and magical powers. Elder is a Gateway Guardian. Working with Elder during the time of year when the veils are thin between the worlds, will allow us further access into the possibilities.

This initiation is a benefit for The Organization of Nature Evolutionaries (O.N.E.) –

By Donation, suggested donation $200 – $500

Space is limited to 10 people

To register: click here or call Jen at (717) 629-8426

A brief interview is required for registration into this class.

Elder Sacred Plant Initiation


May through October 2017
Heritage Creek Farm Camp, Mount Joy, PA

Are you yearning to:
Embrace your fullness?
Know who you really are and why you are here?
Hear the wisdom and guidance that surrounds you?
Remember your connection to All?
Experience true healing at the Source?
Be a conduit of Healing and Love for others, including our Earth?

This apprenticeship is designed to help humans align with the intelligence of Nature and work with these energies to bring about healing at a core level—for oneself, one’s clients, the Earth, and more. The Plants provide the foundation for this course as we let our hearts guide us in following this ancient and modern path of connecting deeply with the Sacred in All. Based on Pam Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship, this course is designed for those who wish to become HEARTransformation practitioners or who want to incorporate this into an existing practice. The skills learned and wisdom gained can be applied to many areas of one’s life and adapted to work with any situation or environment.

Energy Exchange: $2,500 if registered by February 1, 2017; after this date, tuition is $2,800. Includes instruction, meals, camping facilities and mentorship.
To Register: Mail a $200 non-refundable deposit check to Brigid’s Way, 6138 Sundra Circle, East Petersburg, PA 17520, or pay via PayPal (additional 3% fee applies). The deposit will be deducted from your tuition.

Payment plans are available.
This course is limited to 20 participants.
An interview is required for acceptance into the program. To schedule your interview, call Jen at (717) 629-8426 or click here.

To learn more about the HEARTransformation apprenticeship, click here.

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With Jen as my teacher, I’ve opened myself to receiving great wisdom from her and have come to relish the insights that she adds to each learning process. Jen possesses a keen mind, coupled with expansive skill mastery and astute intuition. She shines new light on every subject. I heartily recommend her.
–Lisa Goodale Brinton

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