Consult with Jen Frey

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A session with Jen feels like a massage for the soul. When I emerge from her peaceful space, I feel light and at ease within myself. I feel connected. My work with Brigid’s Way has me feeling more attuned, empowered and many steps closer to the highest vision of myself. To me, Jen is a doctor of ancient medicine; one who effectively treats the body, mind, and soul.
–Liz Kindig

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As a society, we seem to be suffering from a broken heart, in great part because we have lost our connection to the Earth. In reality, it isn’t lost, only obscured by the “noise” of modern life. Lately, many of us have been hearing the call of Nature and are reawakening to this wisdom, which was once as easy as breathing. Are you one of them? If so, let’s work one-on-one.

Consultations with Jen Frey foster one’s connection with Nature and the guiding force of Love, help tap into the body’s natural healing response, and impart techniques for taking control of one’s own healing process. While every session is personalized and truly unique (no two are ever the same!), they can include work done through Plant and Flower Essences, Plant Spirit Healing, PSYCH-K, shamanic healing practices, and herbal support.

How a Consultation Works

A consult generally consists of:

Information gathering: Jen looks for clues to determine the root cause (or, “original insult”) of physical symptoms, emotional and psychological patterns, or anything that is not in alignment with the individual’s highest expression.

Egg Limpia: A deep energy hygiene that removes unwanted energies from the body and aura, and provides information to guide the process.

Plant guidance: Jen works with the wisdom of the Plants to determine what’s needed for the particular client and facilitates this work.

Essences: The client is tested for Essences that will support the work just completed, prepare the client for the next stage, or support something completely different that the person may need. A Flower Essence blend is then specially formulated for the client.

Lifestyle support: Any recommended lifestyle changes or “home play” to support the work are then discussed.

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In addition to the above, a session can include one or more of the following tools or processes, depending on what’s needed:

Removing energies that do not serve the individual via cutting cords, clearing chakras, removing intrusive energies and objects, eradicating black magic and clearing blockages.

Filling the person’s auric field with beneficial energy, whether it’s Light, Love, Plant-based, or healing from an Archetype such as Mother Mary.

Once the energetic body is clear and strong, the deeper work of dialing into what the soul needs can take place. This can include soul contract journeys, karmic healing, ancestral healing, soul retrievals, balancing limiting beliefs, and more. At any time during the session, this clearing-and-filling process may be repeated, especially as deep wounds begin to surface and shift.

For physical issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, Lyme’s disease, fibromyalgia or insomnia, we might do a PET—an energetic method of healing with Flower Essences (developed by David Dalton of Delta Gardens).

Stiloself is an extraordinary healing instrument for working with the organs and systems of the human body—from macroscopic and DNA levels to the mind and other “subtle” structures of the human being. The intelligence of the Stiloself travels through the body’s systems, supplying the information needed to restore balance and encouraging the body to reprogram itself to normal functioning.

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The most immediate and noticeable outcome of the work is that typically, the individual feels calmer and stronger, and more vital and clear minded. Clients also find that after a session, things in their lives tend to flow more smoothly and they report feeling more like their “True Self.”