Brigid’s Way formulates unique essences from Plants, Flowers, Nature Spirits and sacred places that have come forward as guides to help humanity evolve and assist individuals in discovering their True Essential Nature. We use these Spirit Essences in our client consultations to positively change the lives of others—which, in turn, contributes to our collective evolution. We also offer the Spirit Essences for sale to practitioners and individuals.

Since we are working with the Spirit of the Plant, the power of the healing benefit from our Spirit Essences is compounded. The Plant’s consciousness is involved in the process, creating an energy transference. This imbues the process with Light, Love and an Intelligence that seeks out root cause, not merely a treatment of symptoms. For this reason, we call it Whole Plant Therapy.

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The Difference Between Essential Oils, Bach Flower Essences and Brigid’s Way Spirit Essences

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Brigid’s Way Plant Essences are NOT essential oils. Many people confuse Essential Oils (EOs) with our Essences even though the two are very different forms of Plant preparations. EOs have become quite popular and common in recent years. They are derived from the volatile oils of Plants, or those components of a Plant that are fragrant. This is done in a rather complex process of distillation, which can include synthetic chemicals to extract the fragrance. The main factor is their scent and their effectiveness relates to the power of our sense of smell—and, in particular, the relationship of smell with our memory and emotions.

It is important to remember that EOs are potent and powerful compounds. It takes a large amount of Plant material to extract a bottle of EO. For instance, 1 drop of Rose Otto oil contains 60 (or 5 dozen) roses. A 5mL bottle contains 10,000 rose blossoms! Because of this potency, only a few EOs are safe to use neat or directly on the skin without a carrier oil. Traditional recommendations are to inhale EOs or use them topically. It is becoming more popular to ingest EOs; however, this should be done with extreme caution or avoided completely.

While EOs can be incredibly beneficial, many people are developing sensitivities to the scents. Over time, our bodies can have a difficult time processing them, especially since some companies dilute their EOs with synthetic chemicals or use harsh chemicals to capture the volatile oils. Perhaps the most important issue of all is that the frequent use of EOs is not sustainable, due to the large quantity of Plant material that is required.


Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician turned Homeopath, is credited with the creation of modern Flower Essences. Bach noticed that disease was a by-product of unhappiness, fear, anger and other emotions. In the 1930s, he set out to find remedies that would replace these negative emotions with peace and happiness, and ultimately bring balance and vitality to the individual. Bach formulated 38 Flower Essences meant to remove all negative emotions. A 39th Essence (Rescue Remedy), which combines several other Essences, is the most popular Bach Flower Essence. We are grateful to Dr. Bach for his foundational work in the field of Flower Essences.


Since the creation of Dr. Bach’s remedies, Essences have been made from Plants, Gems and other energies around the world. The purpose of an Essence is to capture the energetic imprint of the Plant, Gem or event. Because Brigid’s Way works with Plants and Nature Spirits, our Essences are unique in that they also contain the Spirit of these Beings. We make the Essences at sites around the world, capturing the energies and Spirits of sacred places, Archetypes and events—such as Mountain Energy, Water, Love and Light—as well as working with both common and rare Plants. Whenever possible, we connect the Plants to the Music of the Plants device while making their Essence, thereby adding another dimension.

Humans continue to evolve at an ever-increasing speed. More Plants and Essences are needed to guide us through this change, heal our wounds and help us embrace our wholeness. It is no longer enough to simply remove negative emotions; we are being called to step forward into our fullest potential. For this reason, we now require Essences that help us embrace our True Essential Nature, and that can support and embrace our growing consciousness and awakening.

The Plants and Nature Beings are saying, “The time is NOW!” They are asking for their healing gifts to be shared with the world, and want to work in co-creative partnership with us as they guide us through our evolution. Brigid’s Way collaborates with them to capture their unique healing gifts in our Spirit Essences in the hopes of creating a better world.

For descriptions of Brigid’s Way’s Spirit Essences see our brochures below:

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Using Brigid’s Way Spirit Essences


Brigid’s Way sells stock bottles of Essences. We take 1 drop of the stock Essence and perform journey or dream work. We also work with the stock Essences in our PET sessions (or energetic Flower Essence sessions).


The stock bottle can be diluted to a dosage bottle. To do this, fill a ½-ounce bottle with 3 parts good quality brandy and 7 parts pure spring water (do not use water that has been chlorinated). To this bottle, add 3 drops of the stock Essence. You now have a dosage bottle.

At the end of each client consultation, Jen tests which Essences are needed at that time and mixes a dosage bottle for her client to take over the following month (usually following a dosage of 3 drops, 3 times a day).

While we work with other brands of Essences in addition to our own, we are very discerning about which Essences we work with and the people who make them. All are of the highest integrity and in the fullest alignment with the Plants and Spirit. Not all Essences are created equal! We align with Delta Gardens, Sweetwater Sanctuary, Woodland Essence and Avena Botanicals.

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