Long Distance Consultation with Jen Frey

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Long Distance Consultation with Jen Frey


Consultations with Jen Frey foster one’s connection with Nature and the guiding force of Love, help tap into the body’s natural healing response, and impart techniques for taking control of one’s own healing process. While every session is personalized and truly unique (no two are ever the same!), they can include work done through Plant and Flower Essences, Plant Spirit Healing, PSYCH-K, shamanic healing practices, and herbal support.

A Long Distance Consultation consists of 4 parts:
1) Client sends a write-up to Jen * information for write-up below
2) Phone conversation where Jen asks questions and answers client's questions, schedule follow-up
3) Between conversations, Jen meets with Plants and other Guides to determine the path of action and follows this, also formulates a Flower Essence blend for client
4) Follow-up conversation: Jen describes work that Plants and Guides did, explains the Flower Essence blend, suggests Homeplay - ways of supporting the work, and answers any of client's questions

To schedule appointment and send write-up, please email jen@brigidsway.com

This includes PayPal fee

* Information to include in write-up:

- date, time, and place of birth
- reason you are seeking help at this time, what you are hoping to gain

-Basic herstory of your life including:
- High points
- Traumas (anything that you categorize as traumatic experience - includes emotional, spiritual)
- Major illnesses or hospitalizations
- accidents

Description of your primary family (parents, siblings, children), for each, please include:
- age or if they’ve passed on, how old they were when they died
- what they did/do for a living
- brief description of their personality
- your relationship with them when a child
- your relationship with them now/as an adult

Any symptoms currently experiencing

Any medications, herbs, supplements, etc taking

anything else you think I should know

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