I was seeking ways to to deepen my connection with the natural world and had a longing to honour the ways of my ancestors.

The apprenticeship  helped me in ways I did not expect, including learning to be more patient and listen to the whispers and current of how nature speaks.

 Jen is a fun, knowledgeable and easygoing teacher, she also has the ability to get real serious and ask of her students what is required in the moment without being apologetic.

She has a strong commitment to her family and the earth that supports her students in taking the work deeper into our own lives and our communities.

 This is a longer journey of really embracing what we may or may not have inherited in terms of how we currently connect, and commune with the natural world, but we all come from earth-honouring peoples. Blessings on your journey.

~ Marcus, Canada


When I first met Jen, I was not sure she would be my teacher. Looking back on that reaction, I realized my ego did not like that she was significantly younger.

But I decided to be open to the possibility. In making this choice, I opened myself to receiving great wisdom from her. I have come to relish the insights that she adds to each learning process. Jen possesses a keen mind, coupled with expansive skill mastery, and astute intuition. She always shines a new light on each subject. I heartily recommend her as a teacher.

~ Lisa


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