It is rare to find a person such as Jen who demonstrates a deep dedication and commitment to being in co-creative partnership with plants, nature, elements and Earth. Jen approaches her work and life's walk from a heart-centered space, bringing a depth of understanding to all she does. At the same time, she engages her active mind to help carry out her intuitive guidance. As a teacher, she makes difficult concepts and practices easy and accessible. I highly recommend Jen's work, and especially her apprenticeship program. It is certain to change your life by filling you full of your true essential nature so you may walk the path you came here for.

--Pam Montgomery, author and educator of Plant Spirit Healing

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Jen Frey is a Healer, Mentor, Earth Advocate and Voice of the Plants. She is the Founder of Heart Springs Sanctuary, where she helps people deepen their connection with Nature through Plant communication.

With over 20 years of experience with Plant essences, energy work, and herbal practices her private consultations and Plant based protocols are known for helping clients through emotional life transitions, physical health crises, and chronic pain conditions.

From a young age, Jen learned about the magic of Nature. Her grandparents taught her to look for the magic in the woods and the importance of talking and singing to Plants. She spent hours picking berries and being painted with their juice. These seemingly fairy tales blossomed into a life-long Love affair with Nature, where Jen has discovered that the magical moments of her childhood were only the beginning.

Jen has dedicated her life to the spiritual path of Plant work. She is regularly brought to her knees in reverence and gratitude by the incredible Plant Beings at Heart Springs Sanctuary. Jen has survived quicksand and hypothermia in the Amazon Rainforest, kayaked with glowing bioluminescent plankton, played with the Faeries in Ireland, and nearly been blown out to sea in Iceland, all in the name of helping people open their hearts and fall in love with Plants as a path to evolve our relationship with the Earth.

Jen’s group apprenticeship certification programs, ceremonies, retreats and workshop offerings are designed for people wanting to deepen their relationship with Plants, the planet, and themselves.

She is on the board of the Organization of Nature Evolutionaries where she serves as President of the Visioning Council. Jen is also a member of the United Plant Savers and their Botanical Sanctuary Network. She has taught at conferences and led Plant Concerts across the country including the MidAtlantic Herbal Conference, New England Women’s Herbal Conference, and the Delta Gardens Conference. Her work has been featured in podcasts, webinars, magazines, and teleseminars nationwide.

When she’s not supporting clients, teaching, or guiding students in her programs to reconnect with the magic, wonder, joy and Love of the Natural World, you can find her traveling the globe making potent Spirit Flower Essences and spending time with her sons, friends, and family at her Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, creating delicious food, or simply connecting with the Plants.