I am a disabled veteran with PTSD and other physical issues. Since experiencing a Rosemary plant communicate through the MOTP machine, I finally understood the magic that each plant holds. It put me into a "safe" place that I haven't been to since before I served in Iraq. --Tamara Hewitt, U.S. veteran of the Iraq War


Experience direct communication with Plants via the universal language of music.

Did you know that it’s possible to dialogue with Plants and Trees in a musical and even melodic way? Brigid's Way is honored to be the U.S. distributor for the Music of the Plants device, an amazing piece of technology that turns the electrical impulse of a Plant into musical notes.

The concept of enabling Nature to “sing” through an electromagnetic instrument that captures, deciphers and records the Plant’s own “music” grew out of the spiritual eco-community of Damanhur in Italy, which has been researching and experimenting with Plant intelligence and communication for more than 40 years.

This summer the Bamboo and Bamboo M devices were released with a built-in speaker and rechargeable battery making it even easier to listen to the Plants as you explore the world! With the Bamboo M, you have the ability to choose the instrument, scale, frequency, and more!!

Music of the Plants (or MOTP) must be experienced in order to appreciate just how magical it is. Doing so will change the way you relate to your Plants, Trees, Flowers, Grass and Nature in general, and possibly change your life forever.


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How Brigid’s Way Utilizes Music of the Plants

This delightful device has many implications and possible uses. In fact, the more we work with it, the more ways we discover to use it! Brigid’s Way integrates MOTP into our healing practice in the following ways:

Hosting Plant concerts and offering Plant meditations.

Incorporating the device into our Plant communication courses.

Integrating it into our client consultations, thereby allowing our work to go deeper.

Connecting to Plants via the device while making their Essences. The vibration of their songs is captured in the water, which adds to the Essences’ healing potency.

Listening to the Plants’ music as a backdrop in our work space, which increases heart entrainment, as well as clarity and tranquility.

Taking naps and dreaming while a Plant is singing.

How You Might Use MOTP


Take your music to an entirely new level by incorporating MOTP into your performances and recordings. Host multi-species concerts.

Hospitals, healing centers, medical offices, spas:

Allow MOTP to fill your waiting space with calming, stress-releasing background music so that your clients/patients are more receptive to healing.

Therapists and veterans’ centers:

Help your clients with anxiety and PTSD to relax and feel safe.

Schools and daycare centers:

Create a calmer environment that is more conducive to learning. Demonstrate for children the Intelligence of Nature.

Animal shelters, veterinary centers, pet groomers, kennels:

Soothe your animals naturally with MOTP. They love it!

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes:

Create an interesting and peaceful environment that encourages residents to interact with Nature in a new way.

Healers and massage therapists:

Blend MOTP into your practice for profound results. It helps to ease armoring and deepens the healing response.

Birthing centers:

Play MOTP in the birthing suite to help mother and baby move through delivery with calmness and grace.

Expectant mothers:

Listen to MOTP throughout your pregnancy. Research from Damanhur shows that expectant mothers who listen to MOTP bear children who have a strong relationship with Nature.

Gardens, botanical centers and nurseries:

Provide a more interactive experience for your guests and an enchanting environment for customers with MOTP, as well as raise the vitality of your Plants.

Organic farmers:

Plants grow more vibrant with MOTP. Incorporate it into your farming environment.


Create unique, interactive, multi-dimensional pieces by incorporating the MOTP, or listen to the Plants sing as you to tap into your creative flow.


From Plant intelligence to the biological effects that Nature has on Plants, there is so much to learn and experience with MOTP, which was developed by leaders in Plant communication.


Create a serene and peaceful home atmosphere with the MOTP. Soothe yourself after a long day at work.

Please note: The song that the Plant creates with the device is not the same as the Plant gifting her medicine song, though they may sound similar. Each plant has a medicine song; this is one of the ways in which Plants give their healing gift. Using MOTP is not a fast track to receiving a Plant’s medicine song. The MOTP is its own unique way of interacting with Plants.


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