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Nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps is a magical land where people, nature spirits, trees, plants and the cosmic forces collectively mingle to co-create a unitive world where the game of life is played to its fullest. Here through the harmonious integration and collaboration with all the Forces linked to the evolution of humankind Sacred Humans are emerging taking up their rightful place within the vast interconnected web of nature and life. Within this sacred landscape conscious awareness is brought to every aspect of life whether it is in making art, learning, growing food, playing, communicating with plants, dancing, working, socializing or deeply connecting.

We will journey to Damanhur, an eco-society, in the autumn of the year to experience the depth of spirit that rises up from the land and lives within the people who have chosen to walk a path of beauty in co-creative partnership with nature. We will visit the Temples of Humankind known as the eighth wonder of the world, walk circuits to bring inner and outer balance, open our hearts to the singing of the plants, receive direct transmission from the cosmic forces, deeply commune with the Sacred Woods, let our nature evolutionary selves emerge through clay sculpting as well as engage in a Greenbreath session within the Temples.

Join us on this transformational journey of deeply connecting to oneself, nature and the cosmic forces supporting our spiritual evolution. Click here for photo gallery of a past Journey to Damanhur.

Facilitators: Pam Montgomery, Jen Frey, Damanhur citizens

Benefit: This is a co-creative adventure designed to benefit you, Nature, Damanhur, and O.N.E.

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