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Way of the Butterfly: Transformation through Ceremony and Sacred Plants

  • Heart Springs Sanctuary Washington Boro, PA (map)

The Way of the Butterfly is created to help you experience the Sacred and step into your Full Being, your Wholeness through the ceremonies and the guidance of the Sacred Plants. Ceremony opens the doorways to possibilities and allows you to experience the realities beyond your daily life, experience healing, and touch Wholeness.   The Plants say, “The time is now.”  The Earth needs you to be who you are meant to be and live the AWE-some life you were born for. Through the culmination of this transforming experience, you will own your power as Goddess.  

Way of the Butterfly is held at Heart Springs Sanctuary in Washington Boro, PA.  This 4.5 acre Sanctuary is being co-created with the Nature Spirits to create a place where All Beings are Sacred, safe, and honored.  Jen creates a special energetic container for each class that facilitates in the ability to go deep and transform, allowing you to push beyond your edges and face your fears while knowing you are safe, supported, held in Love and having fun.

Unfurl your wings and step into your FULLness
As we let go and grow through Ceremony and Sacred Plants
This is an experiential process of deep reverence and awakening.

We meet one Tuesday a month from 10 AM to 4 PM for 9 months

No prior experience necessary

Please note this program is guided by Spirit, as such the exact content is subject to change. The tentative subjects and ceremonies include:




Sacred Bathing

Sacred Bathing clears away static and the weights that keep us from living our radiant lives allowing us to shine our bright stars!  This is a deep, beautiful ceremony where the Plants and Sacred Water wash away what no longer serves you as sacred prayers infuse you with the Love of the Divine, guiding you Home to your True Essential Nature.


Greenbreath is an activated breathing journey with the Plants.  Through this process you have the opportunity for spontaneous healing, shattering old patterns, releasing what no longer serves you, receiving guidance and information, receiving downloads to help your evolution, re-membering who you truly are, and truly changing your life.

Ancestral work

Through this ceremony, we will honor our Ancestors, strengthening our relationship with them, and receive the gifts and guidance they have to offer us.  We will also have the opportunity to understand the burdens, beliefs, or fears that our Ancestors carried and can release these.  When we do this, we have the ability to affect ourselves as well as the future.  Ancestral work is essential to having peace on Earth.

Energy Hygiene

Energy hygiene is often ignored in our culture which contributes to dis-ease including psychological and emotional imbalances.  Having good energy hygiene helps to reduce anxiety, confusion, uncertainty and helps us to live a fuller, more vibrant life.

The Body Elemental

Connect and cultivate the relationship with your personal Body Elemental to discover the state of your physical wellbeing and how you can improve it.  Having a relationship with your Body Elemental is a helpful tool to guide you on your path of health and vitality.




Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying is an incredible tool that opens doorways to wisdom, healing, guidance, understanding, and the list goes on.

Power Animals

Your Power Animal can help you throughout your life.  This Animal can serve as protection, give you guidance, help you in your work, and more.  Knowing who your Power Animal is helps you know that you are never alone.

Healing Landscapes

Through the creation of a Healing Landscape you are able to affect the macro, bringing into form your dreams and desires.  Healing Landscapes are also an incredible diagnostic tool that can show you what is balanced or out of balance in our lives.  Working with Healing Landscapes increases your ability to read and sense energy.

Creating Sacred Space

Learn how to make any place Sacred, allowing you to tap into the energies of the unseen and access the wisdom of the Divine.

Working with the Elements

Learn how the Elements present themselves in your life and affect you.  Knowing this allows you to understand your core foundation and provides guidance for when you are stuck or want to make a change.  Working with the Elements helps you engage with the Earth more fully.

Healing the Waters

Engage in a ritual to bring health and wellbeing to Water.  This is an opportunity to give back to the Earth and take up our rightful place as partner with Nature.  When we heal the Water, we affect all the Waters of the World including those inside our bodies.




Embracing Your Light

You will discover your personal light frequency that allows you to stand more fully in your authentic power, be a source of healing when needed, and guide you in your enLightenment.

Divine Sensuality Awakening

By design, we are Divine Sexual Beings.  Our sexuality and sensuality are tools that help us to experience the fullness of the world, touch the Divine, and engage in the wisdom of the cosmos.  Through ceremony we will begin to overcome traumas and culturalization that blocks us from experiencing this, changing our experiences from fear to pleasure.  We will embrace our Divine Sensuality which helps us be in Love with ourselves and the world.

Strengthening the Aura

Having a strong and vibrant Aura is paramount to health.  You will learn processes to clear your Aura and ways to keep it strong, protecting you from unwanted energies, allowing your energy to focus on your own health and growth.

Labyrinth play

When you engage with a Labyrinth, you engage with a temple and have the ability to access wisdom and guidance as well as to touch the possibilities of your future.

The Sacred Plants


March 13: Rose

Rose is an evolutionary ally.  Rose helps us live in our Heart, healing any wounds including those self-inflicted ones such as self-judgment.  Rose shows us how to stand in our Feminine power, being soft and strong at the same time, which is most needed now.  Rose holds us in compassion and shows us how to live a life of Love, authentically.


April 17: Mugwort

Mugwort has long been considered a magical and healing Plant.  Connected to the Goddess Artemis, Mugwort helps us remember that Wild part of our self, that part that is still connected to Nature and truly knows our Soul’s calling.  Mugwort helps us to connect with the unseen, bringing our dreams into reality.


May 8: Achiote/Yarrow

Achiote protects from harm and helps one to recover from traumas and abuse, remembering your innate Wild, Wise One who infuses you with self-confidence, strength, and wholeness.


Yarrow is a supreme protector Plant which helps us discover our Achilles’ heel, so that we can move beyond the wounded warrior becoming a Goddess.


June 12: St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort fills us with the Golden Light of the Divine, igniting our own Soul force to shine brighter, giving us courage to stand in our radiance.  St. John’s Wort helps us to connect with the flow of the Universe, moving beyond struggle enabling us to follow our Soul path with ease.


July 17: Ayahuasca

Grandmother Ayahuasca has many gifts and provides what the individual is most in need of, which may be healing, removing negative energies including black magic, opening the Heart, bringing clarity or answers, or providing bliss.  We engage with Grandmother Ayahuasca through her Plant Spirit and Essence, so there is not any psychotropic effects nor puking or purging, simply a deeply beautiful and meaningful experience.


August 14: Cacao

Cacao is literally the food of the Gods.  This amazing Plant has always been known as a gateway to the Divine.  Cacao helps us to honor our Divine Sensuality and bring balance to our masculine and feminine natures.  This Plant facilitates the ecstatic union of the masculine and feminine.


September 18: Vilca

Vilca is a shamanic, psychotropic Plant that opens the doorways to the unseen.  Vilca acts as a gateway providing access to different worlds and times; helping us to receive the information that is most beneficial to us to evolve and awaken into our potential.


October 16: San Pedro

San Pedro is a Master Plant who reminds you of your gifts, restores your power (including psychic power) and allows you to be transformed.  Known as the Plant of the Shamans, ki aids in removing negative energies.  San Pedro helps us to tap into our dreams and can facilitate in their manifestation.


November 13: Ensparkalation (Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates)

The bioluminescent Dinoflagellates must shine in order to survive.  They remind us to do the same, to let our unique Light shine brightly, sharing our gifts with the world.  They fill us with Light and strengthen our connection to Light.  The Dinoflagellates are connected to the center of our Ocean and the center of the multiverse and are able to guide us in our evolution, as well as, help bring back gifts and understanding from other lives.  They help us be ensparkalated!

While some of these Plants are psychoactive, we will be working with their Spirit Essence which does not contain these components.

Energy Exchange: $1500
Early Bird rate: $1350, register by February 15th, 2018

Register by March 1st
$200 deposit 


Each month you will be gifted with a 1/2 ounce stock bottle of the Brigid’s Way Spirit Essence that we experience.  These high quality, unique Essences are made in ceremony with the consciousness and Spirit of the Plant, which creates a powerful energy transference that compounds its healing benefit.

Having the Spirit Essence will allow you to continue your relationship with these Sacred Plants, receiving their healing and guidance when you want it.



A homemade, organic, vegetarian, lunch is provided featuring the delicious, fresh produce and dairy that Lancaster County is famous for and includes gluten-free options.

An organic herbal tea will be made especially for our class, along with a wide selection of individual teas and well water.



As we go through our transformation, you may find that you would like extra support to help move through some wounds.  Therefore, participants receive a 20% discount on private healing sessions with Jen.



We have a private email and FaceBook group to further celebrate and support one another between gatherings.

Class size is limited to 10
For questions email Jen Frey at

Payment plans are available

Earlier Event: February 24
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