Jen Frey

It is rare to find a person such as Jen who demonstrates a deep dedication and commitment to being in co-creative partnership with plants, nature, elements and Earth. Jen approaches her work and life’s walk from a heart-centered space, bringing a depth of understanding to all she does. At the same time, she engages her active mind to help carry out her intuitive guidance. As a teacher, she makes difficult concepts and practices easy and accessible. I highly recommend Jen’s work, and especially her apprenticeship program. It is certain to change your life by filling you full of your true essential nature so you may walk the path you came here for.
–Pam Montgomery, author and educator of Plant Spirit Healing


The story of my life has been intertwined with the Plant World for as long as I can remember. My grandparents instilled in me a deep love and wonder for Nature. As a child, I was drawn to various aspects of healing and the central role that Nature plays in this process. As a teenager, I began to study herbs, Bach Flower Essences and homeopathy. Before long, I had quietly gained a reputation amongst my classmates as a healer. “Go see Jen!” was a common refrain. “She’ll take good care of you!”

Since then, I have grown and blossomed into a full-fledged, certified Flower Essence Practitioner and certified Plant Spirit Healing (PSH) practitioner, one of only 11 certified PSH practitioners on the planet. I am also trained as a facilitator of PSYCH-K, a simple yet powerful process for changing limiting subconscious beliefs.

Over the years, my creative co-partnership with Plants became more deeply seeded through my role as a mom. Time and time again, I put my belief in natural healing to the test with my children—with favorable results. When they were just babies, I discovered Anthroposophical Medicine and learned of herbalists Rosemary Gladstar, Rosita Arvigo, Matthew Wood and David Winston. Back then, Matt’s book, The Book of Herbal Wisdom, expanded my desire to know herbs at an even deeper level. In 2003, I took my first official herb course and was left with a yearning to learn more, which has only increased over the years. Since then I have studied nearly constantly with many great teachers, including the Plants themselves.

In 2010, I completed the Flower Essence Training Class (with Kate Gilday and Don Babineau of Woodland Essence and David Dalton of Delta Gardens) and became certified as a Flower Essence Practitioner. This work resonated with me and guided me even deeper into the magic of Nature, accompanied by a Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship in 2012 with Pam Montgomery of Partner Earth Education Center and author of Partner Earth and Plant Spirit Healing. My work with Pam heightened my understanding of Plants and healing to a profound level, often beyond words, as I’d finally found someone who spoke about the experiences I’d been having with Plants and Plant Spirits.

In 2013, I began my studies with Ecuadorian shaman and ethnobotanist Rocio Alarcón. From the minute Rocio began to speak, the cells in my body started to awaken and remember the wisdom that came into this lifetime with me. My work with Rocio has transformed my practice and continues to guide me into working deeper with the unseen and managing these forces.

I continue to cultivate wisdom from the Plant World and study various healing modalities. My collaboration with the spiritual eco-community of Damanhur in Italy has led to Brigid’s Way being the U.S. distributor for their incredible Music of the Plants device.

In 2010, I began Brigid’s Way as the culmination of the lifelong inspiration I’ve gained through communing with the Plant World and working directly with the guiding force of Love. Brigid’s Way gives me ongoing opportunities to help beautiful human beings of all ages—from young children to older adults—both locally and at a distance. Love is at the center of everything I do, and I honor the highest good of All in accordance with free will.

I’m now fully living my life’s work of helping others release and heal fears and wounds, experience greater peace and happiness, and ultimately step into the fullness of who we all are: Sacred Humans living in co-creative relationship with Nature.