A Better Place

I met one of the great Loves of my life in 2003, the Land that became known as Windy Hill Farm.  I fell in love when I first stepped onto this Land (as did everyone who was with me).  When I left my marriage in 2012, I knew that that meant I would need to leave the Land.  I struggled greatly with this; however, all my guides kept telling me that there was a place that was better for me.  I didn’t know how that was possible.  While this place was completely abused by industrial farming, even from the first meeting ki was pure magic.  It was the place where I realized that I had been communicating with Plants, it was where my babies grew up, it was where my son “ran away from home” to go create a survival shelter in the woods, it was where I remembered my Soul path, it was where so many of my dreams came into fruition.  So what could be better?

Fortunately, I was able to continue to live there for a couple years, allowing me more time to prepare to leave.  Even so, I continued to grieve for many years later.  I took with me 2 quartz rocks, so that I could carry the Land with me.  One of these rocks I had been using in my healing practice already.

As the years continued and I had yet to find the “better place”, I grew impatient and frustrated.  Again and again, my guides would tell me there is a better place and it will all be worth it.  I started having visions of a pond with Pines around it.

Sure enough, after three years of searching, I did find my Sanctuary.  Again, as soon as my foot touched the ground I knew this was Home.  I realized that my guides were right this place is better for me.  While I loved Windy Hill Farm, life was a struggle there.  The ground was very hard, we needed an auger even to plant bushes.  As it was abused, the farm was overrun with thorny plants helping to heal the soil.  There is plenty to be done here at the Sanctuary; however, I don’t have to struggle.


I recently looked at the quartz in my healing office and thought, “I don’t need to carry you anymore.”  I had already gifted the other quartz.  Today, I added this one to the Labyrinth.  I will always carry Windy Hill Farm in my Heart; however, I no longer need to carry the grief.  With the quartz in the Labyrinth, I will be blessing Windy Hill Farm every time I walk the Labyrinth, sending my Love.  

A few months after moving to Heart Springs Sanctuary, I realized that this is not my forever place.  My Heart started breaking again at the thought of leaving a place I Love.  Then I realized that I have no idea when I will move or really if I will move.  I am here now, in this magical place and so I need to focus on that.  The Nature Spirits here are absolutely incredible.  I know that they will guide and support me as I go through my next series of lessons and growths.  And they have so generously offered to work with the clients, students, friends, strangers I bring here.  (Truth is this is why the Nature Spirits called me here.  They want to work with people.)

I hope that when the time comes, if the time comes, I can leave Heart Springs Sanctuary with my Heart full of gratitude, with the Sanctuary even more vibrant than when I arrived, and with the knowledge that the lives of a large group of people (and other Beings) benefited by being at this beautiful place. 

With that in mind, if you would like to walk the Labyrinth or meet with the Nature Spirits, please reach out.  This Sanctuary is not meant just for me (nor my clients and students).


Opening photo is the view from the center of the Labyrinth at Heart Springs Sanctuary in Washington Boro, PA