Creating a Community of Love and Healing

I want to thank those who have already contributed to our Indiegogo campaign including those of you who have read it and looked at the pictures and sent your energy.  Thanks to you, after the first week, we are over 1/2 way towards our stated Indiegogo goal and a 1/4 of the way towards are total goal!! But this campaign is about much more than finances and goals.

I initiated this campaign for Planting Heart Springs Sanctuary at the request of the Nature Spirits to make this a community effort.  And yet again, I am humbled by their wisdom.  The energy on this Land has changed incredibly.  Even in the cold and snow, the Land is alive and vibrant and the Nature Spirits are excited.  We haven’t even brought the Plants and Trees here!!

I am touched by each donation.  Again, this isn’t about the financial component, it is about Love.  Each time someone sponsors a Tree or Shrub, I get to hear about someone they Love and that Love fills this Land.  I can feel the healing happening and this healing spirals out affecting all of us.

Asking for help is not an easy task for me, so I started this somewhat reluctant, thinking, “I can do this, I’ll figure out how to purchase these Trees and plant them on my own.”  And now, I see that while I may have been able to buy the Trees and plant them on my own, there is no way I could have accomplished this energetic shift without all of you.  And again, I want to stress that all of you includes those who have simply read this and sent a little wish or Love our way, for I know that there are many ways in which to share our money and money is only one form of energy.

If you are able to contribute or share this campaign with others, please do.  With every donation, the energy is compounded.  I wish I could share with you what I feel.  I am in awe of this process.  And I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude.

Once you donate, I will email you to ask who you would like the Trees or Shrubs named after (or you can feel free to email me).  Please know that while I originally suggested human Loved ones, you can name them after any Loved one that you would like to honor.  It has been sweet to hear of special relatives, pets, and in one case, a Tree.

I hold these stories in my Heart, while the Land already welcomes these Loves.  I am looking forward to greeting these special Beings and watching them grow!

Thank you!

May the Love and healing of this campaign encircle you!