There is Something More!

Okay, so I’m gonna bare my Heart and soul a bit here (more so than normal). For years, I have been witnessing women - clients, students, friends, colleagues, perfect strangers - who are looking for more. They know that they aren’t living the life of their dreams. They want more fulfilling lives. They know that there is something more, something larger. They want to know who they really are and why they are here. In my words, they want a spiritual awakening, they want to touch the Divine. Much of this is unconscious, though I believe that they recognize a yearning.

Accompanied with this yearning is often a fear - a fear of the unknown, a fear of change, a fear of becoming unrecognizable to the ones they hold dear, a fear of being “too big” or being seen. You know the Marianne Williamson quote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”

I know both this yearning and this fear. Years ago I was living a very unsatisfying life (even though on the outside it looked perfect), I knew there was more and I was afraid that if I went down the path of experiencing “the more”, I would never be able to return to the life I had. So I didn’t, I stalled for many years until it became unbearable. Then I took a small step (it felt like a giant leap off of a cliff) and I discovered I was right. There was more, even more than I could imagine AND I couldn’t go back to the life I was living. Instead, I created the life of my dreams.

It was the Plants who opened the door for me and the Plants who continue to guide me and show me “the more”. The Plants have taken me on journeys into the deep ocean, the center of the Earth, to other Planets, to other Universes, to other dimensions, to my body, to a cell, to the center of a Flower, to Love, and on and on.

As I continue on this journey with the Plants, what they ask over and over is to help others have these experiences. I will be completely honest and say there are many times I don’t want to do this. I would be happy to be a hermit spending all my days with the Plants. I would be happy to not be seen. However, this is not my path this life and this is not what the Plants want. They are so generous and offer me so much Love and understanding, have given me so many life changing gifts, how could I ignore their requests?!

So I share. And it truly is an amazing gift to witness people connecting with the Plants, opening the doorways to other perspectives and worlds, and re-membering who they truly are. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

And yet, it’s not enough. The Plants are practically screaming at me. They see humanity hurting. They see the yearning and the fear. They know that they can help. So they “scream”, calling me out of my comfort to help them connect with more people.

This winter, I answered this call by creating Way of the Butterfly. I worked with the Plants to create a 9 month program which combines ceremonies that I know can help fulfill the yearning (and clear the fear) and provides opportunities for the Plants to offer their magic of guiding women to “the more”.

Yes, this program is only open to women because we need a safe space to heal (and dream) together. What I have found over the years of my personal work and guiding others through this process is that when we come together, the effects are exponential.

Way of the Butterfly starts this coming Tuesday (March 13th)! There are spaces remaining. I would Love to fill these, for the Plants want to work with as many people as possible and I know that when one person experiences healing or makes shifts to live the life of her dreams, the effect of this ripples out into our world.

Please look at the program, And see if this speaks to your Heart. Are the Plants calling you? If you are feeling resistance or want to talk more about the program, please contact me 717-629-8426 or

May you unfurl your wings And FLY!