Indiegogo campaign

Final Day for "Planting Heart Springs Sanctuary" Indiegogo Campaign

Today is the final day for our Indiegogo campaign, Planting Heart Springs Sanctuary. We are $159 away from our Indiegogo goal and $904 away from the total goal for our first planting.

So much has happened at Heart Springs Sanctuary (HSS) since we began this campaign a month ago. As I shared in my last post, the energy shifted here with the first donation, the vibration has been raised.

From the very beginning the Nature Spirits have told me that Heart Springs Sanctuary is to be a place for community; a place where people come to connect with the Plants and Nature Spirits; a place of Sanctuary for all; and a place for people to receive healing energy and in turn, heal the Land. It is amazing to witness this occurring!

A great big, THANK YOU to everyone who is contributing to this, whether it be financially by donating to this campaign, physically by visiting Heart Springs Sanctuary or helping us Plant, energetically by sharing this campaign with others or sending your Love and blessings to HSS. I know that you have fed this Land in a way that I could not have done on my own. And my Heart overflows with awe and gratitude!

As for other updates, I have been busy working with the Elementals to gather rocks for our Labyrinth which will be co-created this Spring. On Brigid's Day, we hung the first prayer ribbons on our Prayer Tree, who is also the Guardian of the Labyrinth rocks. And we've been busy preparing inside to welcome the many clients, students, and other visitors who are coming to HSS this year.

While walking the Land and feeling the Plants stirring, the Nature Spirits have shown me part of an ambitious design for a garden featuring hugelkultur beds in the form of a triple spiral. At least I say that this is ambitious, the Nature Spirits are telling me that I need to stretch and think "big". They want this Land to be a Sanctuary of Beauty, demonstrating what we can do when we work together.

I hope that you too are able to connect with the Nature Spirits and dream BIG!

Thank you again for your support! If you are able to contribute to this campaign, please do so today.

As I've said before, Planting Heart Springs Sanctuary is about more than the finances. If you would like to name a Tree or Plant after a Loved one and are unable to contribute financially at this time, please contact me. There are many Plants at Heart Springs Sanctuary who are happy to connect with the Human world and be a portal of Love.

With Love and Blessings, Jen Frey