Red Ti Spirit Essence

Red Ti Spirit Essence I HEAR NATURE'S VOICE This Essence connects you to the Plant and Elemental Worlds. By aligning the Human World with the Nature Spirit World, it acts as a translator to ease communication and help Humans receive messages from the Plants, Elementals and Nature Spirits. It protects you while doing deep work. Part of the Kauai Set ON SALE 50% OFF, while supplies last!

Blackberry Lily Spirit Essence

Blackberry Lily Spirit Essence I AM A HEALTHY SEXUAL BEING

Blackberry Lily helps one recover from sexual abuse. Clears the trauma and heals the effects; allowing one to have healthy, sexual experiences free of fear. Supports the 2nd Chakra.

This Essence has helped many people reclaim their lives after experiencing sexual abuse (often many years prior). With the MeToo movement, I keep thinking how many more could benefit. Order it here

I also keep thinking of Male Fern Spirit Essence. I AM THE PHOENIX RISING

Heals the wounds of patriarchy and religion. Through Phoenix energy, helps you find nourishment and strength among the ruins by connecting to ancient Sacred wisdom.

Patriarchy has limited us all, though we can rise above it, heal our wounds, and embrace our true potentials.

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